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My Philosophy

My mission is simple: to help guide you on your journey of health and fitness through healthy habits of nutrition and exercise. Through guided personal training and nutritional advice, we will create a foundation of wellness that will allow you to achieve your biggest life goals or to simply complete your daily routine with more strength and energy. Every BODY deserves health and happiness!

Anthony Warhurst, owner

Proper form and technique is the key to maximum results and long-term commitment.

Proper form and technique is the key to maximum results and long-term commitment.

Training & Healthy Eating


Your Trainer, Anthony Warhurst


My passion for helping others reach their fitness goals has been a journey that I am still working daily to achieve. Much like my clients who need to attain personal goals of health and fitness, I am working toward my goal of being the best motivator and educator for you. Through advanced training and nutrition classes, I am furthering my knowledge and passing that knowledge down to my clients. 


Upon completing my four-year service in the United States Marine Corps, I found a means to continue my love of service to others: personal training. 

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Fitness Customized for You

Health and fitness can be attainable by EVERY BODY. 

Whether you have time to devote to personal 1-on-1 training or your busy lifestyle would appreciate my customized online training; I have a training package perfect for you!


Healthy Eating Habits

A healthy life starts with healthy eating habits. With the correct balance of the right foods, your fitness and weight-loss goals can be reached!


Customized Training Packages Available